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ZEFT Institute Of Medical Coding (ZIMC) Chennai

At ZIMC in Chennai, we offer training in one of the fastest-growing segments in the healthcare IT sector: Medical Coding. As a premier institution that offers training in this field, we have designed the most modern and engaging program that is perfectly suited for the candidate to secure suitable employment in premium institutions after completion of the course. To become a successful professional in the field of Medical Coding, it is vital that for the aspirant to take up a course that provides the right kind of education and training.

Medical Coding Course in Chennai

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CPC Training Center in Chennai

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CIC Training in Chennai

CIC expands to Certified Inpatient Coder and is the singular qualification

At ZIMC, we have designed the course in Medical Coding with a high standard of integrity to the healthcare IT sector. We have on our rolls faculty members with many years of industry experience. Our labs are well equipped with the latest infrastructure. The course has been structured to empower the student and teach the foundational principles in a way that allows easy career progression and enhancement.

At ZIMC, our training professionals with ample experience in healthcare IT prepare the aspirants to take up suitable jobs in the medical coding field where the demand for trained professionals is hotting up. Our courses are precise and make the students career-ready quickly so that they can make an entry into the profession when the demand is high and growing.

ZIMC Chennai has developed the expertise and credentials to be known as the best training institution and the students that are trained here stand out in quality and knowledge when they enter their profession and in related fields such as Medical Auditing, Compliance, etc. Students trained in the Medical Coding course at ZIMC Chennai have been employed premium companies, medical societies, and government organizations.

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