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CIC expands to Certified Inpatient Coder and is the singular qualification that is dedicated completely to inpatient hospital coding. At ZIMC, we provide training that makes the student fit enough to appear for the CIC examination. The syllabus is covered completely and adequate practical training enables the student to appear for the AAPC qualification examination.

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What Does Having CIC Qualification Mean

The CIC exam validates the candidate’s expert level knowledge as well as experience in the extraction of information from medical records for coding, specialized payment knowledge. Any student that is CIC qualified is paid up to 40 percent more than students without qualification.


For any student that clears the examination on immediate completion of the course, the credential given to the student is CIC – A. However, as soon as the qualified student completes 2 years of experience (after clearing the exam), the CIC credentials are bestowed on them.

Pre-Qualification for Enrolment in the CIC Training in Chennai ZIMC

Any student with a diploma or a bachelor’s degree can enroll for the CIC course. It is recommended that the student has basic knowledge of CPT and some experience.

CIC Course Objectives

The aim of the CIC training is:

To build expertise in reviewing medical records and extract information for accurate inpatient coding

Create expertise in assigning medical codes for procedures and diagnoses (for inpatients)

Build a superior level of knowledge in the current rules, regulations, medical coding issues, compliance, and reimbursement under different systems, etc.

Become able enough to integrate coding and changes in reimbursement rules in a timely fashion, update the master files (charge description), input fee updates, etc.

Build a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology and familiarity of other medical terminology to code different diagnoses and facility services

Understand different reimburse methodologies

CIC Training in Chennai ZIMC – Detailed Syllabus

Healthcare and Medical Record Documentation Guidelines

  • EHR Limitations
  • Handling Downtime
  • Identify Documentation Deficiencies
  • HIPAA Security, Privacy
  • MDS Reporting Requirements
  • Alterations, Addendums to Medical Records
  • Identification of components of medical records
  • Importance of Timely Documentation
  • Code for procedures at the Patient Bedside
  • Length of time for which Documentation is required

Medical Terminology, Pathophysiology and Anatomy

  • Understand Medical Terminology
  • Understand Anatomy
  • Understand pathophysiology to capture and assign correct codes
  • Identify Deficiencies in Documentation
  • Recognition of medical conditions and their diagnoses
  • Recognize medication for treating specific medical conditions

Inpatient Coding

  • Identify advantages of CAC (Computer Assisted Coding)
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Departments that use NLP
  • Coding Guidance for inpatient coding
  • Identification of correct ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS codes
  • Understanding the role of Inpatient coders
  • Conditions POA, Use of Indicators
  • DRG Lookup – Proper Procedure

Payment Methodologies – Inpatients

  • Certification requirements, Procedures for compliance
  • Different types of Billing
  • Understand Charge Master file
  • Identify information in Charge Master
  • Maintain Charge Master
  • Role of different Departments in Charge Master Maintenance
  • Disposition – Different Types
  • Impact of Disposition on Coding
  • Base Payments for DRGs
  • DRG Assignment, Elements
  • Different Types of DRGs
  • Medicare Code Edits
  • Types of Inpatients
  • Guidelines  – Diagnosis of different inpatient facilities
  • Readmissions
  • Rebill Inpatient Claims into Outpatient Claims
  • Identify Data on UB-04

Outpatients – Payment Methodology

  • Outpatient and Inpatient payment Method Difference
  • Coding Requirements for Pass-through payments
  • Status Indicators

Payer and Regulatory Requirements

  • Review Coverage and apply policy to Inpatient Coding
  • Identify services covered by Insurance
  • Private Payer Policy
  • Precertification Requirements


    • Audits Process for External Payers
    • Responsibilities of the Hospital Staff
    • Auditor Interaction and Onsite Audits
    • Audit Targets
    • Audit Process
    • Identify Services Approved for Audit
    • Appeal Process, Requirements
    • Coding Cases

Why ZIMC Chennai

AT ZIMC Chennai, we strive to provide high-quality training in medical coding and allied services. This course is taught in a manner so as to help the students start a successful career in healthcare

The faculty members have in-depth knowledge in subjects such as anatomy and physiology and hands-on training in the healthcare IT sector.

We have designed the study materials and training sessions to focus on the individual needs of a student so that it fulfils their expectations from our training academy.

The program focuses on specific skills required by the industry currently and makes the participants 100% job ready.

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